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Suspect & Vehicle Description Sheet Immediately report any/all suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity to the Hillsborough County Sheriff s Office non-emergency dispatch at (813) 247-8200. (In
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing suspect description sheet
Applause he's a fox10 News Alert welcome folks we are now live for you in California right now sky Fox showing you a police chase near Westminster California let's take a look here viewer discretion always heavily advised during these situations we will continue to bring this to you live right here as police are pursuing this vehicle here Center in connection right now we'll continue to follow this here for you and still no word yet on know why this suspect is being pursued but usually it has to do with a suspect stealing a car or some sort of robbery burglary situation but we will continue to wait and see just how this all unfolds thank you so much for everybody for joining us here on news and for people on Fox 10 Phoenix calm I know a lot of you I usually see these types of things that we do we break in when these things are happening to see just how this unfolds you know this the very scary part about these types of chases is you know the suspect always always just really is just thinking about themselves so you'll see that the suspect could be cutting in and out of lanes but right now nothing nothing too out of control right now that's the good thing hopefully we'll see pretty soon that the suspect comes to their senses and says hey enough is enough and I'll just want to pull over and not try to get anybody injured or killed but jeez you just never know how this is okay we have California Highway Patrol right behind now as Sky Fox is able to zoom out here for us and we are now joining our Facebook live partners here as well on Fox 10 Phoenix thank you to everybody for joining us during this police chase as this is happening near the 405 their Westminster California at this time so far we have not seen that car go to any lanes of traffic right they're just staying on this one lane police keeping a very very close eye on this individual here so we'll just see what the next move here is for the suspect but we will continue to show this to you live right here you just never know what you're going to get on news now and remember when breaking news does occur you know we have you covered right here on news now okay so now it looks like it's getting onto that shoulder there right there that HOV type of Lane are right there and the suspect continuing to go at a high rate of speed you can tell just by always passing up the other vehicles here they're trying to get some other additional details here for you but we'll continue to watch this all unfold live all right and we are getting some details here this chase reported stolen vehicles so that's something usually that we have seen in the past they're usually a stolen vehicle some sort of burglary that has come up with this chase here but this chase the suspect really not going anything in and out of traffic too bad here right now but I'm joined by our very own Troy Hayden to give us some play-by-play as well oh hey Mike how are you good...